unts and saddles ZOREDA. Specialized works on tacks





On   tacks we are devote of the tradition. Our style, basically conservative, doesn’t accept any type of maquinary nor synthetic material.
We are convinced that the techniques and traditional materials can’t never be replaced for new technologies.

Paja de centeno
Cosido a mano al estilo tradicional

The Technique

The handmade embroidereds in cat or goat fur, in parchment, in silk...
Covered by raw leather, so it has a lifetime resistence

The frames of our saddles are made of rye straw following the most ancient methods.. 


Monturas - Armazón de paja de centeno
Monturas - Armazón de cubiero de cuero crudo

The handmade embroidereds in cat or goat fur, in parchment, in silk...

Monturas - labrado y calado

Covered by raw leather, so it has a lifetime resistence.

Monturas -  bordados a mano

The tooled and fretworks of exclusive designs handmade with gouges, patterns...

The materials

Monturas - Armazón de paja

The straw: the frames of our saddles are handmade of rye straw, thet ourselves choose for it’s reaping in “Campos de Castilla” (Spain).

Monturas - cubierta con cuero crudo

The leather: Zoreda uses only tanned hide Atienza, for being vegetables, handcrafted, hand greased one by one, with olive oil..

Monturas -  Curtidos ATIENZA  - curtido vegetal artesano.

The skin: the raw leather is made in our workshop with ancient methods, saving it from the grease and hair as the only treatment.

The forge: All of the buckles and stirrups are given to us by the best forge of Cortegana (Huelva), for being of the highest quality, always bluing as the tradition says.

Monturas - Estribos.

The unity of all of this factors, and adding up the love of craftmanship and the deep-rooted of the tradition give as results the works that allow us to offer to our clients.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE and at the same time confort and a beauty hard to beat

Mounts and saddles Zoreda. Specialized works on tacks

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